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Unable to speak the language of Dalha 2, the bride refuses to marry on time

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New Delhi (International Desk) In India, it has become common for the bridegroom or the bride to refuse the mandap wedding for the smallest thing and this kind of incident has come to light again.

According to an Indian media report, a bride in the state of Uttar Pradesh refused to get married on time because the groom failed to recite the Pahara of 2.
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According to the report, the parents of the child lied to the bride’s family before the wedding that our boy was educated, but the woman decided to check the educational qualification of the prospective bride and asked the boy for 2 slaps on the face. of the people in the mandap to speak.

The boy, who is illiterate, fails to recite the Pahara of 2, where the girl refuses the marriage and the procession is turned back.

Indian media said that this incident is actually from 2021, which was reported by a Hindi newspaper, but when this news was shared on social media by a user in the last few days, -it goes viral, after interesting comments are made by users. is being done.

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