union minister kishan reddy slams telangana cm kcr for republic day celebrations issue ak Pipa News

union minister kishan reddy slams telangana cm kcr for republic day celebrations issue ak

Union Minister Kishan Reddy criticized that KCR is ruling with the ideas of Nizam era.(Kishan Reddy) He accused that Telangana will lose honor and respect because of Kalvakuntla family. He expressed concern that Telangana state will become a laughing stock due to the actions of the government. They flagged that the Kalvakuntla family is seeking power. KCR (KCR) was angry that he had evil thoughts. When the Prime Minister and the Governor come, they criticize that they do not show respect at least. Kishan Reddy said that there is no national policy and no policy for Telangana. He said that the governments have to observe some minimum respect and manners.. KCR government does not recognize this matter.

He criticized Telangana government for adopting a confrontational attitude with the Centre. He said that no Chief Minister had acted in this way in the past. He criticized KCR for acting with this kind of attitude that his son will not become the Chief Minister. He said that Telangana will lose completely with these policies.

He reminded that KCR will also have the same policy as the Chief Ministers of other states in the country. He said that as part of the Republic Day celebrations, at least the state did not send a proposal related to Shakta. KCR commented that it is unfortunate that CM KCR is playing politics.

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He said that there is a situation where one has to go to the court and get permission to do sit-ins and marches. Kishan Reddy criticized the Governor for not following protocol wherever he goes. It is alleged that KCR and KTR are being pre-arrested if they visit. He said that the governor will send a report to the central government on all issues. Kishan Reddy commented that why is there a President’s rule for a government that will be gone for three months.

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