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Unless there is a football league in Pakistan, development is not possible: Stephen Constantine

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In Lahore, during the Pakistan football team’s training camp, head coach Stephen Constantine emphasized the importance of having a football league in Pakistan for the progress of the sport and the emergence of new talent. He highlighted that without a continuous football league, it would be challenging to see significant advancements. Despite having 5,000 registered football clubs in Pakistan, which is more than in Britain, Constantine emphasized the need for a structured league system.

During the training camp, the players worked hard under the coach’s supervision, practicing even in the hot sun. Constantine acknowledged that Pakistan did not participate in the World Cup and failed to qualify for the next one, with unsatisfactory performances in the World Cup qualifier matches. However, he expressed the determination to prepare the team for success in regional tournaments.

Constantine mentioned that several players are currently playing in foreign leagues, and they would soon join the national team. This infusion of talent from abroad could bolster Pakistan’s football squad and enhance its competitiveness on the international stage.

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