Usha Shah deactivates her Instagram account after online trolling Pipa News

Usha Shah deactivates her Instagram account after online trolling

Usha Shah, a Pakistani actress who shot to fame recently by marrying Pakistani golfer Hamza Amin, announced taking a break from social media due to internet abuse over her wedding dress. On Wednesday, Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account.

“I haven’t responded to online abuse in a while, but I am going through a very delicate time right now. A newlywed in my new home,” was the statement the celebrity made on her Instagram stories.

Shah became the target of internet abuse as soon as their wedding photos became public. She received criticism for her decision in the bride’s dress as well as for dancing at her wedding.

Usha Shah takes a break from social media after online trolling on married couple

She apologized to anyone who thought the actress was endorsing Indian culture, but also expressed regret and outrage over the harassment at her marriage and the invasion of her privacy.

I went to great lengths to keep the event under wraps, including hiring security, strict guest lists at the door, and photographic crews signing non-disclosure agreements. I wanted to keep our union safe and only share information that I felt comfortable sharing. Many people violated that privacy to take advantage of our joyous occasion, troubling our Nikah,” Ushna wrote in a story.

Like any newlywed, she claimed to have been humiliated. She claimed that she experienced a “human moment” and responded.

“I found that the first person had violated my privacy, I defended myself and retracted my comment after apologizing,” the blogger claimed. I realized that other people were participating in harsher ways, too, and that the damage I had done could not be undone either.

Ushna further said that she did not get married to insult Pakistani culture as it was not her intention. If people feel that I have behaved like this, I apologize for disappointing anyone.

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