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Uttar Pradesh News | People are the biggest force in democracy: Satish Mahana

Satish Mahana

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Vidhansabha Speaker Satish Mahana said that in a democratic system elections can be won only once, but many times elections can be won only by showing positive work style and talent. Mahana said that in the changing times, the people’s representative of their area keeps a close watch on the people of that area. In a democracy, the public is the biggest force and the legislature has the biggest responsibility towards it. UP Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana was speaking in a dialogue program with MLAs (MLAs) associated with the agriculture sector here.

Mahana said that do not make excessive promises to the public, promise to get the work done as much as it can be fulfilled. Along with this also said that do not guarantee the completion of the work, but give a guarantee of the effort to complete the work, because if you are not able to complete the work of the public, then they will lose their faith in you. He suggested the MLAs to inculcate the tendency to get maximum work done for the public.

Now the image of UP assembly is changing

Mahana said that positive results of ‘Samvad Karyakram’ have come to the fore. Earlier the UP Vidhansabha was not discussed, but the changes taking place here are now being discussed in other Vidhansabhas of the country as well. Together we all have to try to change the old perception towards UP Vidhansabha. He assured the MLAs that more changes are yet to be seen in the UP Assembly. The Speaker said that there was a feeling of indifference towards the Vidhan Sabha for the last few decades, which is now being tried to end. Wherever I go on tour in other states, I definitely discuss the talent of my MLAs. This is the reason that now the image of the UP Assembly is changing.

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No one can know the needs of the people better than a legislator.

He said that no one can know the needs of the public more than an MLA. Therefore, in order to provide the public the benefit of the experience of the MLAs associated with the agriculture sector, consideration will be given to forming small groups and sending them to food processing companies. Whose benefits will also be given to such companies. It is being considered to organize coordination meetings with concerned ministers and officials by forming groups of MLAs soon.

Legislators kept their point

On this occasion, MLA Chaudhary Babulal said that the more facilities the farmers get, the more the state will progress. Here there is a need to meet the lack of essential resources of the farmers. Many times the MLAs do not get respect from the authorities, due to which there is inconvenience in solving public problems. MLA Bhupesh Choubey said that farmers have to go round the departments. There should be some arrangement so that they do not face any problem. Appreciating the working style of the Speaker, said that this time the dignity and importance of the Legislature has increased. Due to which a sense of confidence has arisen in us legislators. MLA Rakesh Singh said that the local electricity officials and employees are troubling the farmers. This is a big problem for the farmers whose solution is necessary. Suggested that the proceedings of the assembly should also be shown to the farmers.

… then the farmers will get a lot of relief

MLA Faheem Ansari said that I have been an MLA earlier also, but this time the respect I have got in the assembly. I am very grateful to the Speaker of the Assembly for that. He suggested promoting organic farming in the state. MLA spokesperson Nand said that whatever happened in the budget session has increased the respect of the legislature. It also said that the local officials of electricity should be stopped from harassing the farmers. Along with this, such a cell should be made for the new MLAs so that they can give their suggestions. MLA Yogesh Shukla said that we all are grateful to you for increasing the pride of the assembly. Suggested that if the cooperative and agriculture departments work together, the farmers will get a lot of relief.

Now UP Vidhansabha is being discussed all over the country

MLA Abhay Singh said that now the discussion of UP Vidhansabha is happening in the whole country. Whichever state I go to. UP is discussed there. MLA Ashraf Ali said that we are fortunate to have a president like you. There is no such gathering of MLAs where the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly is not discussed. MLA Rajpal Singh Balyan talked about harassing the farmers on behalf of the local authorities regarding electricity. MLA Prabhu Narayan Singh, Anil Singh, Prasanna Kumar, Anil Kumar, Sureshwar Singh, members also kept their point regarding agriculture marketing along with power supply and irrigation system for the farmers.