Uttara Kannada News: If you stand in front of a tree and scan it, you will get the complete details of that tree! Pipa News

Uttara Kannada News: If you stand in front of a tree and scan it, you will get the complete details of that tree!

Uttara Kannada: Nettiro has a red board for every plant, with a QR code on it. Hey! Is this Gidanappa? Do you know what the danger is? Not so Bidri. Stand in front of this plant and scan the QR code. What is that plant? What is its use? What about nuts and seeds? All this information will be added to your mobile. After all, where is such a plant? Here is the answer.

QR Code in Thanakashi!

Yes, this is Sanjeevini Thanakashi built in the premises of Engineering College, Haliyala, Uttara Kannada. There are about 25 types of plants here and QR boards have been installed for all of them.

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Uttara Kannada

Uttara Kannada

Complete information on college website

A scan of this installed board will directly take you to the plant repository. The website of the college provides you with every information about that plant. This is a unique experiment done by engineering college students.

A crop of rare plants

A year ago in Haliyala, a region with low rainfall, plants were planted with the idea of ​​creating such a sanjeevini plantation. Apart from growing rare plants that grow in the Western Ghats, from Nelanelli and Tulsi, the organization also took steps to preserve the trees that were earlier in the premises.

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Get information on mobile

Nowadays, there is no patience to stand in front of trees and read about them. Thus scan the information of each plant through a QR code. This organization has given an opportunity to scan and know it on its web portal. So if you go in front of the plant and pick up the phone, the entire horoscope of the plant will be on your hand.

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A touch of technology

There are 25 plants in the Sanjeevini flora. A QR code has also been attached to five or six trees outside. In this way, more trees are being grown and given a modern touch through technology and information is being distributed to the people. Let’s hope that more plants will grow here, and people will get information about the flora and fauna.


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