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Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: Camera caught workers inside the tunnel, watch video

In Uttarka: In Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, 41 workers have been locked out for the past ten days. Efforts to remove them are ongoing. Cruelwhile, a video of workers trapped in the tunnel has emerged for the first time. This video clearly shows the condition of the workers inside and in the tunnel. This is the first time in this operation that the CCTV camera has reached the place where the workers are trapped in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarka.

The camera is achieved with the help of a 6-inch tube

Thanks to the efforts of the Indian government, the cameras reached the 41 workers trapped in the tunnel. This camera was shipped with a 6-inch tube. Khichdi is also sent through this tube. Khichdi is sent packaged in a bottle. It is possible to find out the actual situation inside with the help of cameras. There is a full lighting setup inside, and the video shows workers wearing safety helmets.

All employees are safely visible on camera

41 workers have been trapped in the tunnel for the last 10 days due to sinking while digging the tunnel. By watching the video, it can be said that all the workers trapped inside are completely safe. They have no problem. Now they are being removed as soon as possible.

reached a pipe length of 53 meters

A 53-meter-long pipe was drilled in the tunnel and moved over the debris. Previously, four-inch tubes were used to supply oxygen, light food, dried fruit, medicine and water to the workers in the tunnel. The new pipe is called the second “lifeline”. Apart from this, DRDO has also deployed drones and robots to find alternatives to evacuate workers.