Veteran Assamese film director Gunasindhu attends cremation, cremation to be completed today Pipa News


Veteran Assamese film director Gunasindhu attends cremation, cremation to be completed today

Veteran Assamese film director Gunasindhu Hajrika Kali Beyli 5 died at his residence in Hengarabari Houshing Colony, Guwahati. The people of Pariyal followed Jano, after many days suffering from various diseases, Gunasindhu attended. It is noteworthy that today the body of Gunasindhu attends Jyotichitravanlai Lai Joa and cremation will be done after it.

Assamese film director Gunasindhu Hazrika was born in 1930 in Tetelisra gavant of Kampur, Chanat Nagaon district. Spouse Arpana Mishra is a mixed attendee. They had no children. 2001 Chanat Kamrup district was suffering from financial distress and was given special permission to set up attendance office Chaudhat. The income from this business was small, although there was some money to be had. 2009 Chanat Asmat Elani serial bombings were taking place. After the explosion, the authorities lifted the pitch for security reasons. The only artist of Assam Charkar who attended Panchner Chalibulgia was facing extreme poverty.

In 1960s Mumbai, Raj Kapoor’s now film Spotboye came to explore the film world. He also assisted in directing many films like Sandhya Raag (1977), Anirban (1981), Maniram Devan (1964), Lalitha, Adalat, Marmi, Taramai, Nayanmani. While working on the film ‘Nayanmani’, he met with an accident and lost his eyesight forever. His only independent Assamese film was ‘Abuj Vedana’ (1993). The children’s film ‘Abuj Vedana’ was dubbed in Hindi and was shown on the national program of the television. Moreover, and now the film was also operated independently. Then there is the Bhojpuri language film ‘Gori’. He was also involved in the direction of two Bollywood films – ‘Ye Kanoon Rang Laegi’ and ‘Jab Yad Kisiki Ati Hai’. Arohan socio-cultural program of Kampur honored them at ‘Kapili Banta-2018’.

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