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Victim families donated eyes, skin

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The relatives of the 8 deceased have decided to serve humanity by donating the cornea and skin of the deceased, despite being immersed in grief.

In this noble gesture, the family members ensure that their loved ones live on even after their death.

According to Sandipan Arya, a servant of Muskaan Group, the relatives of eight deceased had decided to donate the cornea of ​​their loved ones while the skin of three deceased could be donated.

Eye donation was coordinated by MK International Eye Bank, Eye Bank of MY Hospital and Shankara Eye Bank. Skin donation was coordinated by the Skin Bank team of Choithram Hospital.

eye donation and skin donation

dead cornea/skin donation

Daksh Patel Cornea

Indra Kumar Cornea and Skin

Bhumika Khanchandani Cornea and Skin

Laxmi Patel Cornea

Madhu Bhammani Cornea

Jayanthi By Cornea & Skin

Bharti Kukreja Cornea

Kanak Patel Cornea


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