Video of oral sex in Delhi Metro goes viral, Delhi Police and Delhi Metro get notice Pipa News


Video of oral sex in Delhi Metro goes viral, Delhi Police and Delhi Metro get notice

New Delhi: The obscene acts taking place in Delhi Metro do not stop. Metro videos are coming out every day, which puts Delhi as well as every metro commuter into a state of embarrassment. Such tolls taking place openly inside the congested metros have made it difficult for common commuters to travel.

According to information, after a video of a young man masturbating in the metro surfaced on Thursday, a video of a girl performing oral sex in a train is fast becoming viral. Shockingly, despite CCTVs installed everywhere and tight security arrangements, DMRC and Delhi Police are proving unable to stop such activities.

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In the viral video, a Kapal riding in the metro is seen doing a very shameful act. With a black bag slung across her back, the girl in jeans and jacket is seen on her knees inside the train having oral sex with her partner. However, in this video of only 6 seconds, no other passengers are seen in the metro coach. Twitter has claimed that the video is from Delhi Metro, but News 18 Gujarati has not confirmed the video. People sharing the video are demanding that the police take strict action or else such videos will continue to come.

A similar video surfaced on Thursday, showing a young man performing lewd acts in the metro. In the 27-second video, it is clearly seen that a girl and a boy are sitting together in the metro coach. Also, another young man sitting next to the girl starts masturbating on the seat while watching a video on his mobile phone.

Delhi Commission for Women sent notices to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro

Let us tell you that the Delhi Women’s Commission has issued a notice to the Delhi Police and the Delhi Metro in case of masturbation in the metro. Chairperson of Mahila Ayog Swati Maliwal tweeted on Friday and said that a viral video has come to light. In which a man can be seen shamelessly masturbating in the Delhi Metro. This is very shameful and disgusting. I am issuing a notice to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro to take strict action against this shameful act.

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