Vijayapura: Villagers collected more than 50 lakhs for school development! Pipa News


Vijayapura: Villagers collected more than 50 lakhs for school development!

VIJAYAPURA: Students of different classes of government school wearing uniforms are running around happily. There is so much happiness and laughter in this school because of the villagers! Government school is a popular school, but people from the city also want to enroll their children in this village school (Village School). Is that a school? RMSA High School of Kubakaddi village in Kolhara Taluk of Vijayapura District (Vijayapura News) is a witness of this positive development.

This school is a fresh example of how government schools can outperform private schools with community support. With the help of the villagers, an effective teaching and learning environment has been created in the school and excellent academic progress has been achieved.

Collection of donations up to 50 lakhs

Kubakaddi is a village with a population of around 1500 people. The whole of Vijayapura has eyes on Kubakaddi, which was earlier deprived of basic amenities. Teachers, S.D.M.C. In addition, village elders, education lovers, local youth and young women have voluntarily joined hands for the development of Tammur school.

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Locals have donated from 5 thousand to 1 lakh for school development. An estimated donation of up to 50 lakhs has been collected and used for the development of the school.

Students arriving from a distance of 20 km

A new building was constructed in 2016 for RMSA High School which was established in 2011. At present this school has a total of 10 rooms. In this one school, including the headmaster, 7 teachers are on duty. At present there are more than 200 students and some of them come from a distance of more than 20 kilometers to this school.

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Furniture, learning materials were purchased with the help of donors. A flag assembly hall and Olympic flagpoles have been installed in the school premises to commemorate the Independence Day celebrations. All in all, this school is a model if it is considered a government school.

Report: Prashantha Hugara, News 18 Kannada Vijayapura