Villagers imposed wild punishment for man in Mulugu– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Villagers imposed wild punishment for man in Mulugu– News18 Telugu

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The world is breaking new ground and moving forward with cutting-edge technology. But some incidents in the society remind us that we are still barbarians. In the Ramayana, the Puranas say that Lord Rama put Sita to the ordeal of fire. Some of the villages still say that if some girls are named after Sita Devi, they will have to go through the same hardships as Sitamma’s mother had to go through. On that day Sita jumped into the fire as per Rama’s words. Now the same fire test will be implemented in the remote areas of Mulugu District.

News 18 reached out to the victims to find out the details of the incident that created a stir in Mulugu district and tried to find out what actually happened. A man named Jagannatham Gangadhar of Banjarpally village near Jangalapalli of Mulugu mandal of Mulugu district complained to the elders against the woman’s husband Gangadhar that he had an illicit relationship with a woman. Immediately the big men called both of them and tried to gather them together. Like this two or three times Panchayat was held in their midst. Gangadhar protested that I had nothing to do with the woman, but none of the elders paid him any heed, but he was subjected to their ritual sexual test.

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Because you have been accused… to prove that you have done no wrong… those big men ordered you to pick up the shovel burning in the fire with your hand. The ordeal took place on 25th February at Lake Lucknow. Just like the old men said.. Gangadhar took a position in the lake and did 3 rounds around the fire pit and took out the shovel from the flames.

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The real problem is here..

The real thing here is that if Gangadhar has injuries on his hand, then he has done something wrong. It was also decided that whoever is at fault will pay the money. Gangadhar took the shovel from the fire and asked me to give the money because I did not do anything wrong. But the big men started harassing Gangadhar asking him to confess that his hands were injured. Gangadhar filed a complaint at the police station because everyone was harassing him. This incident suddenly came to light when this panchayat came to the police station.

While Gangadhar’s argument is like this, the woman’s husband’s argument is different. He says that Gangadhar had an illicit relationship with my wife, but there was no change in their behavior even though he made a panchayat several times in the presence of elders. Some caste elders also say that Gangadhar made a mistake. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. The occurrence of such incidents in modern times is surprising to all. If man is running with the clock and creating new technology, then such incidents are proof of barbarism.

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