Viral Video: Her curse is a threat to his CM post! Hateful old videos .. | Kangana ranaut slamming maha cm uddhav thackeray goes viral

In Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray’s government is reeling under instability and political controversy is raging over his candidature, while Usure, who made a woman cry, has shaken up the post of CM.

In Maharashtra, the Uddhav Thackeray government is reeling under instability, with political controversy raging over the formation of a husband for his post, and on the other hand, Usure, who has made a woman cry. Years ago, Bollywood star heroine (Bollywood’s controversial queen) Kangana Ranaut made anti-Shiv Sena remarks in support of the BJP. Apart from that, he also criticized the CM and his son. Shiv Sena activists at the time warned her not to return to Mumbai.

Shiv Sena activists did not stop there. Kangana’s Mumbai office, which Kangana loved so much, was demolished by Mumbai Municipal (BMC demolished) officials on the grounds that it was against the rules. Kangana released a video at the time. In the video, he said, “You did this because you have the power today. But remember that you will never have that power. ”

In another video, she said, “Anyone who has hurt a woman does not seem to be happy. Your fall will be soon, ”Kangana cursed at the time. Everyone is eagerly awaiting how Kangana will react to the Maharashtra government’s crisis.

While some argue that the BJP is currently the cause of political uncertainty in Maharashtra, others argue that the Shiv Sena is abandoning Hindutva. At this point, some people are cursing the heroine Kangana Ranaut. Her tears are accusing Uddhav Thackeray of moving the Chief Minister’s pedestal.

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