Viral Video: The owl who invented the CCTV camera.. What did he do next? | Owle Caught CC Camera in Forest See What Happened News Funny Video Goes Viral on Social Media


Viral Video: Generally, forest officials install special cameras like CC cameras in forest areas. some more..

Viral Video: Generally, the forest authorities install special cameras like CC cameras in the forest area. In some other places, animal lovers secretly place cameras to take photos of animals and birds. They automatically take photos when animals and birds come in front of them. These cameras sometimes capture beautiful scenes. Such a scene was caught by a camera. Three owls caught the eye of the camera. All three are together like friends. Meanwhile, an owl spotted the camera. She ran straight to the camera.

The owl who was standing in front of the camera looked around as if there was something different. She widened her big eyes and looked at the camera. Head down, up, round and round. The owl opened its wings and saw that there was something here. All its behavior was recorded on camera. A video of the hilarious scene has been posted on social media. When it was posted on a Twitter account named @Animal_WorId, it went viral. The expressions given by the owl in front of the camera are extremely impressive to the netizens. Why delay then watch this cute video now.

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