Virat Kohli Loos Captaincy And Troll After Out On 31 Watch Viral Video; What is going on with Kohli… Pipa News

Virat Kohli Loos Captaincy And Troll After Out On 31 Watch Viral Video; What is going on with Kohli…

Lucknow: Virat Kohli is a world famous player. So far he has accumulated a lot of runs. But in the Lucknow match, Kohli’s fans were shocked by the manner in which he was dismissed. It is being said that Kohli lost his captaincy in this match and after that he lost his focus on the game, seeing how he was dismissed. This happened in the ninth over. Lucknow’s young spinner Ravi Bishnoi was bowling at this time. Ravi bowled all five balls in this over. There were no more runs in all these five balls. So it was seen that Kohli had already decided to hit a big hit on this last ball. Because only when Ravi came to bowl, Kohli had stepped forward. It seemed that Kohli is going to hit big now. But Kohli did not understand this ball. Ravi had put a googly this time. So, Kohli was misled this time and it was seen that Kohli was caught within a few seconds. It was seen that Kohli was completely confused on this ball. Because this time he did not get any prediction of this ball. So Kohli was out before he knew where the ball had gone.

Kohli lost the captaincy in this match. Under the leadership of Virat, the RCB team won against the Punjab Kings by 24 runs. After that, under the leadership of Kohli, RCB shocked everyone and defeated the Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets. So far, Kohli has led RCB in three matches this season. In these three matches, RCB has won two matches while RCB has lost in one match. If we look at this year’s IPL, Kohli’s performance as a captain is good. But still he has been removed from the captaincy. After that, it has been seen that Kohli is not paying attention to his batting. The video of the manner in which Virat was dismissed has now gone viral.

Virat Kohli could not play a big game in this match. Kohli this time scored 31 runs in 30 balls with three fours.


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