Vishwanath demanded a proper investigation in muruga math swamijis case

Mysore: Murugh Math of Chitradurga Dr. Regarding the sexual harassment case against Dr. Shivamurthy Saran, Vidhan Parishad member H. Vishwanath (H. Vishwanath) responded. Speaking at a press conference in Mysore, Muruga Math is a famous Math with a history of Guru heritage. Therefore, the Swamiji has demanded to leave the Peetha temporarily. It is sad to hear of sexual allegations against children. He demanded that the CM should take action in this regard.

“Let a case be registered under the SC-ST Act”

Neither CM nor Yeddyurappa should stand in defense of Swamiji. There is a Dalit student among the students. Therefore, Vishwanath demanded that a case should be registered under SC ST Act.

“Let a case be registered under our law”

This act was implemented in 2012 after people and organizations demanded about the Nirbhaya case in the country. The POCSO Act is firmly in our hands. Gurus stand under such an act. Along with this act, child criminalization and SCST cases should be registered. They have demanded to be registered according to the law of our land.

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“No one should bother in this case”

Who should not be involved in this case of Swami and daughters. POCSO will be convicted within 24 hours of registration. According to IPC, if there are different cases, he will be accused. But in POCSO he should be treated as a criminal. The law clearly states that the criminal should be arrested. Vishwanath requested that we should not enter in between.

“Let the suffering girls get justice”

What are Home Minister, District SP doing.? Who should not do the work of protection. It is the unanimous demand of the people of the state that justice should be given to the aggrieved girls. If Swamiji leaves, the police will bring him back with great respect. He is angry that whoever committed the crime is saying that we are on their side.

“Swamijis should leave the Peeth temporarily”

Espion of Chitradurga should be suspended. If the law remains silent, someone else will come forward to do such an act. The law of the land should be respected. This act is done on children who are not aware of the world. In Mysore, H Vishwanath has demanded that the Swami give up his seat temporarily and respect the law.

“Politicians just for votes?”

A justice for Swamiji, a justice for common people? Sidramaiah, Yeddyurappa Bommayi, Kumaraswamy Summanadra have questioned for votes. Justice must be served in this case. So let the government tell us that we do not agree with the POCSO Act, he said bitterly.

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“I will write a letter to the Prime Minister”

I will write a letter to the Prime Minister about this. The dignity of the entire state is going down. Why didn’t you leave it alone for the vote? Thinkers, what are progressives doing? What is the Children’s Commission doing? He warned that if justice is not done in this incident, it will affect the 2023 elections.

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