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Visitors are allowed to the new secretariat from today.. These are the rules

If you want to go to Telangana New Secretariat today… there is a chance to go. The government has said that visitors can visit from 3 pm to 5 pm on all working days except holidays. This new secretariat is completely different from the traditional secretariats. Everything here includes computer technology and online services. That means… all visitor details are saved in computers. Hence the security officials have all the details of the visitors. The government has arranged electric and battery vehicles for disabled and old people to go inside from the main entrance. Face recognition technology is used for visitors. That data will be linked with Aadhaar data. So that the visitors will be made to act according to the authorities instead of doing what they want. Moreover, the General Administration Department (GAD) said that adequate precautions are being taken not to allow more visitors into the Secretariat.

CM KCR, ministers, officials, employees and staff will start working in this new secretariat from today. So.. this secretariat has 4 entry ways. Among them, the north-west route will be used only for emergency. CM, Ministers, MLAs, MPs, Corporation Chairmen, Chief Secretary to Government, DGP, foreign representatives and invitees enter the Secretariat from the eastern entrance. Secretaries, officers and staff come from the north-east entry. Visitors can enter the Secretariat only from the south-east gate. So if the visitors reach the secretariat a little early… without any confusion… they can go inside calmly… and see everything.

The government has made adequate arrangements to ensure that everything in the Secretariat is clearly visible to the visitors. Visitors can see every room and its furniture. However, all the furniture related to ministers’ chambers, cells, officials and staff of the respective departments are the same. Designed to be equal for all.

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