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Vivek Venkataswamy owes a lot to the village of Velimala

Sri Lakshmi Anantha Padmanabha Swami Brahotsavam is being celebrated in Patan Cheru Velimala village of Sangareddy district. Vivek Venkataswamy, member of the BJP National Working Committee, was the chief guest at the marriage ceremony of Ananta Padmanabha Swamy organized as part of the Brahmotsavam. Shri Lakshmi Ananta Padmanabha Swamy visited them and performed special pooja.

Vivek Venkataswamy said that he has a special attachment to Velimala village. He said that he owes a lot to Velimala village. He reminded that his industrial career started in Velimala village. Visakha Industries was first started here. He said that the people of Velimala and Sarpanch have fully cooperated with their company. He said that currently there are Visakha Industries companies in many states. He said that when the company was established, even the road here was not proper.. The workers worked hard for the company. Vivek Venkataswamy said that along with the people of Velimala village, the people of the surrounding villages are also cooperating with their company.