Warangal: Once again raging commotion in Kakatiya Medical College. Pipa News

Warangal: Once again raging commotion in Kakatiya Medical College.

Although the government is taking very prestigious measures on anti-ragging in government and private colleges in Telangana state. No matter how many measures the authorities and police are taking, they are unable to stop ragging completely. Before the Warangal medical student Preeti incident was forgotten, another incident took place.

Kakatiya Medical College in the center of Warangal has once again caused a ruckus due to raging. On 14th of this month, the concerned student lodged a complaint at the Mattiwada police station that the seniors had ragged on the junior student. The college management stepped in and the disciplinary committee confirmed that the ragging was real. Later, 13 students who were involved in ragging were suspended for one year.

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Second year student Manohar was ragged and assaulted by third year students. On the birthday of Saikiran, a third year student, the senior students cut a cake and made a commotion. In this sequence, the junior student Manohar, who was going from the other side, was harassed and attacked. The real matter came to light when the student who was injured in the incident filed a complaint with the police.

No matter how many incidents happen, no matter how many people are punished, there is no change in the case of ragging. Parents of students are worried about this. Parents worry if their children are safe in college. College management, principal, anti-ragging committee members want to focus on this. Before another incident takes place, they are begging to take strict action against those who are involved in ragging.

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