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WB minister Swapan Debnath asks party workers to work hard ahead of Panchayat Election

Saurabh Maji, Burdwan: Youth siblings are team assets. Only the youth can topple the BJP government at the centre. Youth can fight with their lives at stake. CPM-BJP will not have the courage to take to the streets if our youth talk eye to eye. In a party program in Burdwan, Swapan Debnath, Minister of Animal Resources Development Department, encouraged the youth Trinamool activists in this language. At the same time, he also gave a warning about Panchayat elections to the youth. He said, “Don’t dream of getting a panchayat ticket, becoming a chief, becoming a member. Work for the team. Leader Mamata Banerjee, our youth icon Abhishek Banerjee will decide who will get tickets.” He also alleged that the ED-CBI was working in opposition states across the country as a branch organization of the BJP.

A meeting will be held with students and youth at the foot of Shaheed Minar in Kolkata on March 29. Abhishek Banerjee was the main speaker there. In preparation for that meeting, a meeting was organized at Burdwan’s Culture Lokmanch. Apart from Swapanbabu, Yuva Trinamool East Burdwan district president Rasbihari Halder, Burdwan Municipal Chairman Paresh Chandra Sarkar, MLA Khokon Das, Trinamool state spokesperson Prasenjit Das and other leaders were present. In that meeting, Minister Swapan Debnath said, “The BJP government at the center is not giving the money due to the state. Blocking money for various projects. Youth must be vocal against the deprivation of the Centre. Go to people’s houses and tell them. ED-CBI is functioning as a branch organization of BJP not only in our state but in opposition ruled states all over the country. We have no objection to let the ED-CBI catch anyone who commits wrongdoing. But there is objection to selectively targeting the opposition like the BJP’s affiliates.”

[আরও পড়ুন: পঞ্চায়েত ভোটের দিন ঘোষণার আগেই নন্দীগ্রামে প্রার্থীদের নাম প্রকাশ! শুভেন্দুর গড়ে বিতর্ক]

The minister also hinted about the secret ties of BJP, CPM, Congress from the meeting. Swapanbabu said, “I have come to know that CPM, Congress and BJP have joined hands after visiting the village. BJP will field a candidate in one seat. Elsewhere CPM will field candidates. Somewhere else will support the floor with a dummy candidate. We have to be vigilant about this.” He also gave a diagnosis to deal with this situation. The minister advised the youth to take a leading role. He said, “Didi’s protection shield program is going on. Youth icon Abhishek Babu is fixing the programme. In that way, the message of Mamata Banerjee must be reached to every villager.” On the minister’s attack on the ED-CBI, BJP’s Burdwan organizational district secretary Mrityunjay Chandra said, “It does not befit the minister to attack the investigating agency in this way. Common people want to remove the corrupt Trinamool from Bengal. I will tell the young people of Trinamool to remove the corrupt Trinamool and secure their future.”

[আরও পড়ুন: মমতার নির্দেশে কোর কমিটির প্রথম বৈঠক, অনুব্রতহীন বীরভূমে একত্রে কাজ করার বার্তা দলের]

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