We are neutral in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine Pipa News

We are neutral in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Reiterating Pakistan’s stand on the situation between Ukraine and Russia, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that “we will not take sides because we are sick and tired of wars and conflicts.”

The foreign minister was repeatedly harassed by the interviewer recently for “avoiding questions on Pakistan’s involvement in the international crisis” on Al Jazeera, which has been the subject of talks since the February 24 attack.

Peace can be achieved only through dialogue and diplomacy. Responding to a question posed to him, Bilawal said, “I would suggest to appeal to the parties concerned to negotiate and understand peace.

The foreign minister was incensed by the interviewer’s claim that his response “looked too much like he was avoiding the subject.” Bilawal immediately intervened, saying that he could not believe the man was dodging questions.

He argued that his position was in line with the position taken by his nation on the subject, “I think I deserve my position and unfortunately that is exactly the mindset in the West at the moment.”

“We just got out of Afghanistan and it was literally a month or two before that” [Ukraine-Russia] Crisis broke out, Kabul collapsed,” he said, asserting that Pakistan was not taking sides in this fight. After 20 years of war and conflict, we are sick and tired of it.

And at the end of that, we saw that, regardless of people’s faith, the dialogue was initiated without consulting us or the Afghans, and, whether you like it or not, a decision was made,” he continued .

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