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We have not given Kalashnikovs in the hands of children but laptops, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that we are not giving Kalashnikovs but laptops in the hands of children, we will declare education as an emergency.

Speaking at the Danish School site inspection ceremony in Islamabad, he said that today is a very happy day for me. Under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, Danish schools were set up in Punjab, Danish schools were established to equip children with the virtue of education.

Shahbaz Sharif says that thousands of children are educated in Danish schools, Danish schools provide support to orphans. When Danesh built schools, we were criticized.
Danish School students have an impact around the world.

Meeting between the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince, agreement to develop bilateral relations and economic cooperation

He said that Headstart schools were built for the rich in Islamabad, so why can’t they build schools for the poor and orphans? Don’t the poor have the right to get the facilities of other good schools?

The Prime Minister said that Danish School children are also making good records in the field of sports. We also build sports grounds for poor and orphaned children. Thousands of boys and girls whose parents have no resources for education.

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