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We will return to power through struggle, Umar Ayub

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Islamabad (ABN News) Opposition leader Umar Ayub says that he has seen a lot of chaos in politics, he has to endure a lot while in politics, the founder of PTI is kept away from us, the basic human rights of the founder of Neglected the PTI, we understand that this is a difficult time, he expressed himself in front of the question of the program of ABI-N beautiful statements, his words have no importance, we do not need the help of anyone to be successful your strength, PTI
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come back to power and form the government, we will give the government a hard time in the assembly, we negotiated with our alliance parties, the last authority of PTI is the chairman chairman, we are suffering difficulties, ready for in all kinds of situations, we will return to power through struggle, P TI workers are working day and night, judges must obey the requirements of constitution and law, 6 judges of Islamabad High Court wrote a letter to the Supreme Court and informed about their reservations. If you work, the country will prosper. Discipline is the most important thing in institutions. Twelve of our workers were arrested and considered a judicial inquiry into the incidents of May 9 and the perpetrators must be punished.

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