Weekly Horoscope 29-01-2023 to 04-02-2023 – Uttarbanga Sambad Pipa News

Weekly Horoscope 29-01-2023 to 04-02-2023 – Uttarbanga Sambad

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Aries: Being content with little will reap the benefits this week. Although there is concern about the father’s body, he will be cured with treatment. Your words may be misinterpreted. So be very careful when talking. Employee problem in partnership business.
Taurus: Be moderate in speech. Your words may be misinterpreted. Exam results of your child studying abroad will give you great satisfaction. Be very careful while driving this week. The relief of finding lost goods. Love problems will be solved.
Gemini: Loans may be required for any reason this week. Seek expert advice before leaving the workplace. Forget your love partner and don’t judge by other people’s words. Satisfied by observing the highest improvement of the daughter.
Cancer: Decision to spend more time outside this week due to family reasons. Sports persons will get new job opportunities. Unnecessary talk where there is loss. Lots of earnings this week in multiple ways.
Lion: A loan may be required for business reasons. Taking initiative to worship at home. Anxiety about the father’s body may increase. Your bold decision will change the workplace climate.
Daughter: Even if you go to a distant place for business reasons, it will give you the joy of travel. Mother’s advice will solve family problems. A big event may have to be canceled because of the stomach. Obstacles to getting something.
Cotton: Your decision will be appreciated at work. Addition of promotion is observed. Enjoyed spending the last part of the week with siblings. Overeating will cause physical problems. Desire to join new workplace.
Scorpio: Interest in savings will increase this week. There may be family disputes due to minor reasons. A lot of money due to the youngest member of the family. The work done may be ruined by your mistake. There may be damage from politics. Additional investment in business will continue.
Sagittarius: Can’t focus on anything else all week because of business. As a result, there is turmoil in the world. A week of grief over a broken relationship. It’s a joy to stand next to a family in danger. Laborers will get significant success this week. A sense of pride in the child’s achievements.
Capricorn: You can push your loved ones away by getting involved in a controversy for a small reason. You will suffer later. You will have problems with any new relationship. The problem is that your words are misinterpreted. Need to take loan due to business. Sudden laziness will waste great opportunities.
Aquarius: Be very careful on the way. Don’t get into any controversy on the way. Work will increase this week. But the income will also be in multiple ways. Delight in philanthropy. The problem is being tempted by someone else. Tell your love partner everything this week.
Pisces: May have to travel to distant places for business reasons. There will be a lot of anxiety about the mother’s body. Shoulder and back pain will suffer. Make time for your partner this week. Job seekers can get good news at the end of the week.

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