Weekly Horoscope prediction for 19-25 March Pipa News


Weekly Horoscope prediction for 19-25 March

Fortune depends on the combination of planets and stars. How will this week go? Are there potential savings or increased costs? Amitabh Banerjee told this week’s Horoscope.


Adding to the increase in wealth at the beginning of the week. At this time you can get immovable property from your ancestors. Businessmen can see the growth in their business. Individuals involved in contract work can get new work quotes. Psychological concerns in deteriorating health of the elderly. Freedom from anxiety for child’s exam success. Increased respect due to skill in creative work. Financial aspect of the native will be good. Don’t waste money by giving in to temptation or persuasion.


taurusAt the beginning of the week job seekers will get new job opportunities. At this time they can think about starting a small business. There may be some confusion about the marriage of the daughter. Try to adapt yourself to any situation at work. Long standing marital problems are likely to get resolved this time. Take care of your health. Don’t neglect high blood pressure and diabetes.


geminiPeople born under this zodiac sign have two-way income potential. Avoid risky work at work. Old disputes with friends will be resolved. Businesses should think a little more carefully about lending to your customers at this time. Debt repayment can be monopolized. Travel opportunity will come in the second half of the week. Some problems may arise in the work place of the wife. don’t do


cancerImprovement in work and increase in responsibility. Students studying in school will do well in their annual exams. While opening up multiple avenues of income for entrepreneurs, extra entertainment can also strain money. Do not accept others’ interference in your personal life. There will be concern about the child’s health. Try to identify the secret enemy.

the lion

leoTalent development and financial improvement in the workplace. Businessmen will not go for extra investment this time. Opportunity to buy new property will come. But get the documents checked by a lawyer before buying. Don’t overthink school-aged children. By the end of the week, the money problems that have been going on for many days will gradually disappear. Beware of hidden enemies.


virgoAdding to the increase in wealth at the beginning of the week. The slowdown in business will gradually pass. Job seekers have high chances of getting job this week. Do not try to break the relationship even if there are many obstacles in the married life. A long dormant wish may be fulfilled this week. Avoid traveling by water.


leoChaos in the family due to unaccounted expenses. Don’t give in to anyone’s persuasion. Business development for wife’s energetic nature. If you have a birthday this week, you may get a valuable gift from family. Savings may get strained this week due to excessive spending. Even if there are some professional problems at work, try to solve the problem by talking to colleagues.


scorpioAt the beginning of the week, businessmen may face some problems in collecting dues. Can invest little in parent’s business. Beware of hidden enemies at home and abroad. Celebrate excessive greed. If not, you may face problems in the future. The time is auspicious for those who are associated with the world of sports.


sagittariusIt is better not to expect too much in personal life. Major changes in career are likely this week. Newlyweds try to adjust to their spouses. In the middle of the week, extra money can come in lottery or shares. You can get good news related to children during this time. Try to resolve family issues without reliving them.


capricornIf you are having trouble making a decision at work, always seek the advice of a higher authority. Businessmen leave laziness and conduct business with new enthusiasm. In the wife’s fortune, additional money and property can come in hand from the in-laws. Exam results of candidates will be promising. Do not discuss any controversial issues with friends.


aquariusAt the beginning of the week, there will be success in big work. Additional money can come in hand at this time. Avoid overthinking. Take care of yourself and your family’s health. Aspirants should not be afraid of hard work. Success will surely come. Singles can get involved in new relationships. Keep a cool head at work. Do not involve yourself in unnecessary arguments.


piscesThere will be many opportunities to advance in career. Don’t miss this opportunity for your indifference. The natives associated with handicrafts can get work quotes from abroad for the munshiana of their work. Turmoil in the family over religious ceremonies at home. Doing a favor to a friend can result in unnecessary humiliation.

ll Without dasha and antardasha the horoscope is not infallible. Only in the presence of Rasi will the Gochar result partially match ll

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