weekly numerology know your numerology horoscope for 19 march to 25 march for 9 numbers in kannada | Weekly Numerology Prediction: Weekly Numerology Prediction for March 19 to 25 as per Birth Number Pipa News

weekly numerology know your numerology horoscope for 19 march to 25 march for 9 numbers in kannada | Weekly Numerology Prediction: Weekly Numerology Prediction for March 19 to 25 as per Birth Number

Here is information on how to know birth number. Here is the weekly forecast from March 19 to 25 based on birth number.

Here is the daily prediction according to your birth number. Here is information on how to know birth number. Here is the weekly forecast from March 19 to 25 based on birth number.

Birth Number 1 (birth number 1 for those born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month)

The way to increase the sources of income will be visible. Introduction of new people, new opportunities will be sought. Now the challenge before you is to maintain the old friendships and also maintain the bond with the new ones. You don’t have the attitude that friends understand themselves, so you need to avoid close friends, be careful. Agriculturists – Those who do agricultural work are more likely to find suitable relationships if they try for marriage. Relatives may invite you for auspicious activities in their home. Don’t carry on old grudges and grudges. There is also the yoga of buying a new vehicle. There is a possibility that professionals may be misguided by giving some wrong advice and guidance. So don’t trust anyone based on their outward behavior. It is important for students to consider their background while making friends with new students. If not, it will get a bad name. Not only that, faith also goes at home. It is important for women to be careful when using sharp objects while working in the kitchen. Otherwise there is a possibility of injury.

Birth Number 2 (birth number 2 for those born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month)

Interest in devotional activities increases. There is a possibility of going on pilgrimages. There is a possibility of spending on law and order matters. Pay attention to following traffic rules, otherwise you will have to pay a heavy price. Do not share personal thoughts with new people. If you ignore this advice, there is a possibility that there will be slander about you. For those in agriculture profession, there is yoga for spending money on higher education of children. For this there is a possibility of mortgaging the property to a bank or other financial institution. You are going to be criticized for not completing agreed responsibilities or tasks on time. Professionals have to take more care about the health of parents. Students are likely to bring home new pets. Now women should pay attention to the family expenses and check whether the expenditure is within the set budget.

Birth Number 3 (birth number 3 for those born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month)

It becomes important to pay attention to food and water. The works which were left unfinished for a long time will now gain momentum and the chances of completion will be assured. Charisma will increase by talking well about yourself without even realizing it. If you are taking on any new responsibilities, weigh the challenges of the job and your capacity-limitations once, think and accept. There is a chance of unnecessary arguments and disputes for those who do agriculture and agriculture related work. Social media, the language used by those who share their opinions on the media, should be careful in the words they choose. If not, disputes will arise. This is an ideal time for career expansion. You are going to decide that a new branch should be opened, some people should be hired, some equipment and vehicles should be purchased for the sake of the profession. There are times when students gain fame through their talent show. This will open new opportunities for you. Employed women can be harassed in the workplace in various ways.

Birth Number 4 (birth number 4 for those born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month)

This is the week when the people you believed in, the facts change. You begin to feel strongly that we should do our own work and not entrust our dreams to others. You also have to pay a price for this change. Be more careful than usual if you are told to keep very important documents properly. Those working in the field of agriculture are going to think about land expansion. For this, there is a possibility of acquiring a large amount of land on lease basis or even taking a loan from financial institutions for the purchase of land. There is a yoga for those who are in charge of buying new appliances, electrical and electronic items. If you are using a credit card for this, keep track of your spending. When students go to an acquaintance’s house, don’t take too much liberty and run around everywhere. Because if there are any things missing there are chances of charges against you. If women are trying to have children, there is yoga for hearing good news. Financial support will be available from family members.

Birth Number 5 (birth number 5 for those born on 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month)

Those who are thinking of buying a new car are likely to get financial benefits and support from family members at home. There may be setbacks for those who are thinking of changing jobs. Getting stuck in the south and completing the agreed work will require a lot of hard work. Those who are in the agricultural profession have opportunities to get appreciation, respect and honors in their respective fields. If you are trying to get a loan in the cooperative societies, you will get the recommendation of the influential people, and the loan will be approved quickly. Professionals will face many challenges. Objections will now be expressed to what you have said in the past or what you have expressed in public about someone else. You are going to give financial donation to the deity works. Students will have to travel unnecessarily and this will result in unnecessary expenses. Investments made earlier by women will now reap more benefits. You are going to decide to buy gold jewelery from the profit. If possible, meet the person you consider to be your guru on Thursday this week and seek blessings.

Birth Number 6 (birth number 6 for those born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month)

This will be a period of confusion for those working in the IT and BPO sectors. You are going to think about changing your current job. Some may request to change the project. Think about what makes you happy during this period. Because there are more chances that the post and job that you asked yourself will become a problem for you. Agriculture and agricultural workers think four times before standing as a surety for others. Because by standing as bail, the problem can get stuck. There is a yoga where the professionals may change to their own office or move from the existing office to another office. If the students have to study abroad for bank loan or other travel arrangements, the benefits will be provided. Help from long time friends will come. For women, if they have been working in the past and have taken a temporary or long break, those who are looking for a job again have an advantage. Some have the urge to go abroad for work, even temporarily.

Birth Number 7 (birth number 7 for those born on 7th, 16th, 25th of any month)

Your strategy, planning in any work this week will be good. By identifying the reasons behind the decisions you have made in the past, you will be careful not to repeat the mistakes. Those who work in marketing areas will achieve the assigned target and earn more bonus. Some of you may think of taking a break, seeking natural treatment. Many jobs are likely to come to a standstill for those who work in agriculture. It is important to consider the feasibility before agreeing to fulfill the obligations of others. There is yoga for spending money on house repairs. Professionals are likely to have an upper hand against competitors. If someone challenges you, your victory in those challenges will be sure. This will increase your confidence. If the students are lagging behind in one or two subjects, the introduction of a suitable teacher will help them progress in learning. Some people can blackmail women by using past mistakes or mistakes that they think others don’t know about. Don’t fall victim to this. Get help from family, friends and solve the problem.

Birth Number 8 (birth number 8 for those born on 8th, 17th, 26th of any month)

The dependence of friends and relatives on you will increase. Children’s health at home can be a cause for concern. If there are lovers, if the matter is not known at home yet, the matter will be known through third parties and a situation of anxiety will be created. So it is better not to roam outside. If not, talk about your love at home. For those working in the agricultural sector, there is a possibility of negotiating with traders or companies for the purchase of products. It will be a good development even if it is not up to the agreement level. Doors of opportunity will open for increasing sources of income with the help of friends. There is yoga where professionals buy a two-wheeler or a car. You can use a credit card or take a loan for this. Keep income and expense calculations correct. Don’t borrow beyond your means. There is yoga that is getting a good reputation among students. There is promotion for women in politics.

Birth Number 9 (birth number 9 for those born on 9th, 18th, 27th of any month)

There is a yoga that moves to distant regions in order to participate in auspicious activities. On this occasion, you are going to spend good time with relatives and friends. You are going to spend money on buying new clothes. Those who invested in digital assets are going to withdraw their investment. There is a possibility of having a rich meal and snack. Farmers will get the benefit of government schemes. This will help reduce your financial burden. You are going to do the work that everyone else has given up on, finish it and call yourself a master. You have to take the leadership of good deeds at home. You may not be able to get your health follow up checkup done on time due to work pressure. Do not ignore such things. There will be an inevitable need to increase income for professionals. Students may feel bored because there is no encouraging environment at home. Health problems may worsen for women. So get a health checkup done by a suitable doctor.

Article – NK Swati

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