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Weird ‘doorway’ was seen on Mars in NASA photos and the internet has theories

The Mars Curiosity rover sent by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) serves as eyes on our neighboring Red Planet, and recently this eye caught something very unusual. Discussions about life on Mars have been going on for a long time. While water used to be our only evidence for the possible existence of life on Mars, people were stunned to see a door on it. The gray, black and white photos that surfaced a few days ago were taken by the Curiosity rover and showed a door-like structure cut into a cliff face.

Take a look:

While netizens were quick to believe that the door was a portal to a secret base that was being managed by supernatural beings, the science fraternity took it with a pinch of salt and burst these bubbles of conspiracy.

Discussions arose about the origin of this “gate” on the Red Planet. But the explanation that stuck with the argument for the longest time was that it was just a rock formation due to natural factors. “It’s a very curious image. But in essence, it looks like natural erosion to me,” geologist Neil Hodgkins said in an interview with Live Science.

Researchers and scholars noticed that the height of the door, if it had one, was just 3 feet. This suggests that even though it was actually a door, the creatures using it were much smaller. Somehow, experts have resorted to attributing this peculiar sight to natural erosion.

After the dust settled, several users analyzed the “door” from other angles, and it looks less mysterious. have a look:

The Mars Curiosity rover is currently hovering around Mountain Sharp, a mountain that has an elevation of 18,000 feet above the bottom of Gale Crater. This is the same crater where the rover landed about 10 years ago.

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