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Some people have a great love for dumb creatures. Mouthless creatures are thought to be more faithful than humans. That is why many people keep dogs and cats in their homes. And if anyone is single, they are also interested in raising dumb creatures. Others feed on dumb creatures on the road.

Respond immediately to any of them. Mainly during the summer, dumb creatures go out for food and water. They are looking for where to find water. Several incidents that have already quenched the thirst of some dumb creatures have made the news. However, a video of a girl meeting a dumb creature on the side of the road is currently circulating on social media.

Full details .. The girl saw a squirrel on the side of the road. It looks there for water. He swallows with his tongue the little water that has fallen down. The girl noticed this. Immediately the parakeet put the bottle in his hand in front of him. The lizard also drank the bottled water without any fear. Opigga stood there holding the bottle until the girl also drank the water. However, there are no details on where the incident took place. The video was posted on Twitter by an account called Butengebiden. Currently this video (viral video) has gone viral.

Meanwhile, the wife was shocked to learn of the work done by a husband in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Chhota was married to a man named Babita a few years ago by a man named Rajesh who lives in Bangarda area. He also became a father 15 days ago. The husband, however, fled with another girl from Khazrana area after sending his wife to her hometown for childbirth. After that they both got married too. The wife found out through Facebook that her husband was remarried. Babita lodged a complaint against her husband at the police station. Wife Babita alleges that her husband had an extramarital affair with a Muslim girl for a long time. Police are currently searching for him. The wife said her husband cheated on her and married another girl. She also said that her husband had threatened her on the phone.

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