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What disease causes the habit of playing smartphone games? Terrible revelation

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London (Newsdesk) In the past, children were not seen at home because they were busy playing outside all day. But later came a time when children were robbed of their childhood.

Talking about today’s time, kids have only one friend and that is the smartphone which is not really a friend but a dangerous enemy for them.

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The trend of using mobile phones has increased among children and their habit of playing games has increased to such an extent that they suffer from a disease that deprives them of the real world.

A research has been revealed about this.

Children addicted to smartphones, iPads and playing video games are more likely to develop psychosis later in life, research shows.

Psychosis is a mental state in which a person’s connection with reality is severed and it is difficult to recognize reality.

In the study, scientists further found that smartphone and social media use during childhood can lead to paranoia (thinking that everything can harm you), delusions and hallucinations by the time children reach adulthood. which is 23.

The increasing use of smartphones by children is no less than an epidemic because this device is rapidly affecting the mental and physical activity of children, which can lead to serious consequences if not taken care of.

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