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What is the surface of the moon made of? Scientists say

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For years, the moon has been speculated to have a surface made of green cheese, but new research has disproved all those ideas.

According to a study published in the research journal Nature, the interior of the Moon is actually like a solid ball with a density similar to iron.

On the topic of whether the moon’s interior is solid or liquid? To find the answer to the long-standing debate, researchers from the National Center for Scientific Research in France collected data from space missions and laser experiments on the moon.

In addition, seismic data is used to learn about the interior of the planets and moons of the solar system, since seismic waves can be used to collect information about the metals inside any planet. or month

To do this, the researchers created a model using data from the Moon and different types of metal surface, and then compared it, revealing some results.

According to research results, the inner surface of the moon is similar to the Earth with a liquid layer on top of the solid inner surface, the density of this surface is 7822 kg per cubic meter which is similar to the density of iron.

The researchers also reported that the moon’s strong magnetic field began to decrease about 3.2 billion years ago, and now that humans are planning to visit the moon again soon, more information is needed to confirm. these findings

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