What we can believe, then turns out to be true | What we can believe, then turns out to be true Article by Rashmi Bansal Pipa News

What we can believe, then turns out to be true | What we can believe, then turns out to be true Article by Rashmi Bansal

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar9 hours ago

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Growing up in a small town in Tamil Nadu, Prem Ganapathi had big dreams. Kasabsa passed 10th and left for Mumbai to make his future. But, on reaching there, the man who promised him the job disappeared from the platform itself. No identity, no work in this new city, but he was not ready to come back. Udupi Hotel is a long time trend in Mumbai, where people eat idli-dosa with relish. The owner of one such hotel kindly offered a job to this young man. But which one? Washing dishes. If it had been anyone else, he would have blamed fate, but Prem Ganapati was happy – at least he had a place to sleep at night. After a few days I told the owner, there is no work for two hours in the afternoon, so shall I serve tea in the nearest office? He said, OK, do it. He left with a kettle and a glass of cutting tea. Within days, he built up a clientele that would sit and wait for him to arrive.

Every tea lover has different preferences. Some have less sugar, some have less milk. Prem Ganapati keeps everyone’s preferences in mind and serves them hearty tea and that too with a smiling face. A few months later a customer suggested, let’s open a tea shop. I will invest the money, you do the work, our partnership will be good. The tea business was doing well, but Prem thought, why not arrange some food? So he suggested dosa. Within a few days, his tapri became famous for more doshas than tea. People come in big cars to eat delicious food. Prem Ganapati took special care of cleanliness more than other temples.

The pot scrubber was now earning one-and-a-half lakhs a month. It’s not a big deal if tapri happens in Mumbai. Now that’s good, isn’t it? But, his thought was different. One day McDonald’s opened near Tapri. Love came to Ganapati’s mind – here Shri. There is no McDonald’s, so how does it all work in their name? Why shouldn’t I do the same? By putting his mind and heart and asking for help, Prem Ganapati grew his business tremendously. Today they have twenty-five to thirty franchise shops across the country under the name Dosa-Plaza. And some abroad too. But, I am telling you this story not for a business lesson, but for some other purpose. Famous American author Napoleon Hill said that what you can imagine and believe becomes true. Prem Ganapati had no education and no money, but when the dream of becoming like McDonald’s came to his mind, he did not scold himself, oh, give up this futile thought. Have you seen your face in the mirror? Stay within limits. With such cruel words we crush our dreams every day. He blames himself more for every little thing. This inner voice makes us cry, drives us mad. We need love, compassion. We give it to others, not ourselves. I told you two weeks ago, every day stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes, say to yourself, I love myself, I accept myself. I know a monkey inside must have screamed after doing this. He may even try to discourage you, but don’t give up. Experiment for the next two weeks: Tie a rubber band around the wrist. Pull the rubber band to feel the ping when you hear the sound of the monkey. At the same time tell the monkey – come on, leave here. I’m not listening to you anymore. Record how many times a day you had to ping. Gradually its frequency will decrease. You still have a child inside you, that’s simple. Wipe his tears, hug him. Make him your friend. (These are the personal views of the author.)

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