WhatsApp New Features: Not everyone will see profile photo, message will be deleted automatically; See how much has changed in WhatsApp – whatsapp new features related to privacy and safety users

New Delhi:WhatsApp New Features: Instant messaging app WhatsApp brings new features to enhance the chatting experience of its millions of users. WhatsApp has come up with many new features in the last few years. These features have been released specifically with a focus on user safety and privacy. In the last few days, WhatsApp has brought some great features for the users, which has completely changed the chatting experience of the users. Let’s learn more about these features.

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Who will see your profile photo, last scene and status

Users love this feature of WhatsApp. This feature lets you decide who can see your profile picture, status and last scene. For this, the company is offering the option of My contacts except for last scene, status and profile picture in the privacy section of the accounts. By going to this option, you can select contacts who do not want to show details.

Disappearing message

Users have been using this feature for days. When this feature is turned on, sent messages are automatically deleted. The company offers 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days option to delete messages automatically. However, users can take a screenshot of this message.

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End-to-end encryption

The function of end-to-end encryption is to prevent chats from being leaked. This feature limits the message to the sender and receiver. No third party can access the message. It also includes Facebook, Apple and Google.

New update in last scene

In the year 2021, the company rolled out a new privacy feature for WhatsApp users. This feature allows only users you have previously chatted to see your last scene. Your contact is saved, but if not chatted, such users will not see the last scene.

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