‘When 19 children died! It’s in your hands!’ Senator Ted Cruz confronted by activist in restaurant PiPa News

‘When 19 children died! It’s in your hands!’ Senator Ted Cruz confronted by activist in restaurant

US Senator Ted Cruz was cornered at a Houston restaurant on Friday night, days after his speech at a National Rifle Association convention in which he largely opposed gun control plans.

Cruz is among conservative senators facing public backlash over his views on gun control, following the tragic massacre in Uvalde, where 19 people, mostly elementary school children, were killed by the age of 18. He was killed after firing bullets.

Cruz was seen in a video published on social media in Uptown Sushi, Houston, as a man challenged him to support increased background checks on gun sales, which the senator and many of his Republican allies have opposed. .

“Why did you come here to the convention?” According to a Washington Times report, the man, who was later identified as Benjamin Hernandez, asked Cruz. “Why? When 19 kids died!”

“It’s in your hands!” Shouted to Hernandez Cruz as he was being dragged away by security personnel. Ted Cruz, he’s in your hands!”

Before rejoining his family at their table, Cruise bids them goodbye.

Hernandez told Washington Post That he approached Cruz in hopes of persuading him to change his mind about opposition to laws requiring background checks for gun transactions, which are unlikely to be passed in the Senate.

“I wanted him to answer with something so simple and basic as a background check,” said Hernandez, 39, a board for a liberal pro-democracy group that aims to hold elected officials accountable for them. is a member. the verbs. “But it was as if he was deflecting responsibility from being a US senator.”

Cruz said in a speech to the National Rifle Association that communities need weapons to stay safe. “Carrying guns won’t make them safe.”

Hernandez said, “Since they don’t make themselves available for discourse, we have to take the time and face them wherever we see them. And for me, that was last night at a restaurant.”

Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican and staunch gun rights proponent who addressed the meeting in pre-recorded video, seized on the apparent police lapse in Uvalde, later telling a news conference that he was misled and ” Worried about what happened.”

Abbott denied newly enacted Texas gun laws, including a controversial measure removing licensing requirements for carrying a concealed weapon, had “any relevance” to Tuesday’s bloodbath. He suggested that state MPs take a renewed focus on tackling mental illness.

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