When Ratan Tata Fearlessly Confronted With A Dangerous Gangster Over Extortion Bid; What exactly happened when Ratan Tata joined hands with the dangerous gangsters? Pipa News

When Ratan Tata Fearlessly Confronted With A Dangerous Gangster Over Extortion Bid; What exactly happened when Ratan Tata joined hands with the dangerous gangsters?

Mumbai : Ratan Tata, one of the country’s biggest industrialists, needs no introduction. He is famous not only in the professional world but also among every child, old and young. As much as Ratan Tata is a big industrialist, he has a generous personality and there are many examples of this in front of us. You must have heard many stories of Ratan Tata’s philanthropy, but today we are going to tell you the story of his bravery and courage.

Ratan Tata always cares for his company and the employees of his company. He considers the employees working in his group as a part of his family, so when it comes to the employees of Tata Motors, he also takes care of gangsters for the employees. At one time the employees of the company were afraid of gangsters, but Ratan Tata fought with determination and won. Ratan Tata himself narrated the incident in an old video clip.

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…when Ratan Tata collided with a goon
An old video of Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Group, one of the oldest conglomerates in the country, is going viral on social media. The video was first shared in 2015, but has now been reposted by Columbia Business School, in which Tata recounts the entire incident of confronting a bully and defeating him. This incident happened when Ratan Tata took over as chairman of Tata Sons only 15 days ago.

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During an interview with Columbia Business School, Ratan Tata revealed the incident when gangsters were trying to damage the business of Tata Motors. This goon used to beat, threaten and harm the employees of Tata Motors. In such a situation, Ratan Tata himself took the initiative to prevent bullying. He said that within 15 days of assuming the chairmanship of Tata Sons, Tata Motors was in turmoil and there was a situation of work stoppage.

Taught the bully a lesson
This incident dates back to the year 1980 and a goon was trying to extort money from the employees of Tata Motors and creating problems in the work of Tata Motors. An attempt was being made to divide the employees. He had taken about two thousand employees of the company with him. Besides causing division and intimidation, the goons were beating up Tata Motors employees and threatening to stop work. The rest of the employees stopped work fearing the goons. This goon wanted to take over the union of Tata Motors and terminate the employees of the company, but Ratan Tata did not allow it.

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Ratan Tata was not averse to the arbitrary rule of a goon. He himself reached the Tata Motors plant and stayed there for several days. Tata assured the employees that he is with them. Incentivize employees to bring them back to work. This goon knelt before the efforts of Ratan Tata. Thus work resumed at the plant and a new beginning of a strong relationship between the company and the workers at Tata.

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