Where am I walking naked, Hareem Shah was furious Pipa News

Where am I walking naked, Hareem Shah was furious

A few days ago, Hareem Shah’s personal videos were leaked, in this regard, when she was asked about indecency and obscenity, she got angry.

He said that the veil is taken care of very much, where I am walking naked and where I am unclothed, putting a dupatta on my head is my personal act.

Hareem Shah said that there are many women who do not wear dupatta on their head, on this occasion he said that no one wants to discuss the veil.

Tick ​​Talker said that the veil for men is from the navel to the knees, for women it is veil to cover the whole body except hands and feet. will ask me

Hareem Shah used harsh words about men and said that a man of Pakistan is immoral then he should be called immoral, men who make mistakes should be exposed and stoned with whipping. More men are involved in sins than women.

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