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where is my husband Volunteer’s wife protests in front of YCP leader’s house

Santoshi, the wife of a YCP volunteer, protested in front of the house of YCP leader Kona Ramana, along with her child, demanding to know the whereabouts of her husband. The details of this incident are as follows. Mopada Adinarayana, an ex-serviceman of Rautulapalem village, Revidi panchayat, Padmanabham mandal, Visakha district, was attacked by a mercenary gang on August 22. The victim, Adinarayana, complained to the police that Kona Ramana, a follower of MLA Mutthamshetty and son of Revidi Sarpanch, was behind the attack.

A week after the incident, when the police went to arrest Ramana, he fled from the back of the house. Lakshmipuram village volunteer Kuppa Rambabu, who is accused of leading a mercenary gang in this case, is currently missing. Rambabu’s wife Santoshi protested in front of Kona Ramana’s house with her two children on Saturday afternoon. She took petrol with her and asked her to tell her husband’s whereabouts, otherwise she would commit suicide.

She says that on the afternoon of August 29, Kona Ramana came to their house… took her husband in a car and he is still missing. Santoshi said that when Kona asked Ramana’s mother about her husband after two days, she said, “Your husband is fine. There is nothing to worry about” and gave Rs. 1,000 for the expenses. She alleged that the police took her, her sister and family members to the Padmanabham police station in the name of investigation and beat her severely to confess the crime.

After this protest, the police took Santosh to Padmanabham Police Station and kept him there for a while and then sent him home. But the question of what happened to Rambabu remains the same. There are demands that the police should give a definite answer to this.

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