Wherever a snake is seen, they call him.. Now that snake bite is a victim Pipa News

Wherever a snake is seen, they call him.. Now that snake bite is a victim

Most of us are afraid of snakes. Hearing that name brings tears to my eyes. If we see it again… we will hold on for dear life and run. We will go away from there. But in Srikakulam there is a man who catches snakes as an avalier. He takes it carefully and leaves it in the woods. Whoever sees a snake in the surrounding areas, they immediately call him. He goes there.. takes hold of the snake.. and leaves it away from the inhabited areas. Such a person.. finally got bitten by a snake. The tragic incident took place in Narasannapet of Srikakulam district.

According to the locals, Gudla Ramajogi, a resident of Gandhinagar in Narasannapet, is 60 years old. He retired less than 14 years after serving in the Indian Army. Ramajogi has a wife and two sons. He is skilled in catching snakes. He has been killing snakes for many years. Wherever a snake is seen in the surrounding areas… whoever asks for help… Ramajogi immediately goes… and helps. On March 5, snakes were found near the sub-treasury office and on February 27 near the police station.. He caught them and left them away.

Even on April 19, when a snake was seen in Tamarapalli, the locals immediately called Ramajogi. He hurriedly went there and caught the snake as usual. Later, it was taken away from the inhabited areas.. while leaving it.. it bit Ramajogi. Locals rushed Ramajogi to Srikakulam Sarvajanasupatri. Ramajogi died early Thursday morning while undergoing treatment there. According to his wife’s complaint, the Narasannapet police have registered a case and are investigating. This incident cast a shadow of sadness locally. If you called Pamuna… they would have come and helped you immediately.. The locals shed tears.

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