Who is the real Tushar Kumar? Bet-patch stuck at 44th rank in UPSC Pipa News

Who is the real Tushar Kumar? Bet-patch stuck at 44th rank in UPSC

  • As both names and roll numbers are the same, the patch is stuck
  • Two youths named Tushar Kumar are making the claim
  • Tushar Kumar, a resident of Rewari and Bhagalpur in Haryana, claims to have got the 44th rank.

Two days after the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the final result for the Civil Services Examination 2022, sitting 1324 kilometers apart, two youths named Tushar Kumar – one from Rewari in Haryana and the other from Bhagalpur – have claimed. Both these young men are claiming the 44th rank. According to media reports, both the candidates have also submitted their call letters, on which their roll numbers are the same. The call letter states that both appeared for the personality test on May 8 at the UPSC office in New Delhi at 1 pm.

Tushar Kumar of Bihar complained to the Kaimur Superintendent of Police

The incident came to light when Bihar’s Tushar Kumar complained to Kaimur’s Superintendent of Police and dismissed the claim of Rewari resident Tushar Kumar as false. Tushar Kumar from Bihar claimed that he appeared for the personality test on May 8, while Tushar from Rewari has also made similar claims. Bihar’s Tushar said he found in the news that a Rewari resident of the same name claimed to have secured 44th rank in the UPSC exam, and that even the local administration had not verified the facts.

My family and friends were busy celebrating the success

Tushar Kumar from Bihar says, ‘I lodged a complaint with the Superintendent of Police, Kaimur and requested him to take strict action against Tushar from Rewari for falsely claiming 44th rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam. UPSC cannot make such mistakes. I graduated in textiles from IIT-Delhi in 2016 and this was my 6th attempt. Before this I had appeared for the interview four times but could not crack it. My family and friends were busy celebrating the success, when I learned that someone else was claiming my position.

Called Tusshar several times to share his documents

‘I called Tushar of Rewari several times to share his documents, but he refused to do so. His admit card doesn’t have his Aadhaar card details, but I have. Also scanning the QR code given on his call letter does not show any information about him, while after scanning my QR code all the information comes out. Will visit the officials and inform about the issue.

Quoting Tushar Kumar from Rewari, he wrote, ‘I lost my parents a few years ago and studied in Rewari. Cleared the UPSC exam without any coaching.” Rewari Deputy Commissioner Imran Raza said, “We are aware of the matter, but it is UPSC’s job to clear the situation.”

A similar case also came up from Madhya Pradesh

A similar case has also come up from Madhya Pradesh. Ayesha Fatima, 23, from Dewas district and Ayesha Makrani, 26, from Alirajpur district, both say they have secured 184th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022. Both have produced admit cards bearing identical roll numbers in support of their claims. He has lodged a complaint with the local police and UPSC alleging fraud.

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