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Who is Urvashi Rotila ‘Dating’? The photos went viral

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Mumbai (Showbiz Desk) Viral pictures of Bollywood’s richest actress and model Urvashi Rotella with French footballer Karim Benzema have created controversy among fans.

When the name of actress Urvashi Rotila is mentioned, Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah comes to everyone’s mind, where fans have made a lot of connections between the two personalities by exchanging birthday messages and appreciating that comments on the past.

Urvashi wished Naseem Shah on her birthday and Naseem Shah’s response to the actress’ comments proved to be a new toy to make people talk.

Naseem Shah later denied all these rumors and speculations and told the truth.

However, this time, instead of Pakistani player Naseem Shah, French footballer Karim Benzema took the honor of being Urushi Rotila’s new boyfriend.

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Actress Urushi Rotila shared a post on the photo and video sharing app on Instagram where she can be seen posing with footballer Karim Benzema.

Soon these pictures of the actress Urvashi Rotila and the player, wearing bold clothes, adorned the social media that the news of the relationship of the couple became active from the users.

In the comment section, fans and social media users saw mixed reactions.

Another user said, ‘Kareem is wasting his time by having a relationship with Urvashi.’

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