Withdraw the 12-hour work bill immediately – People’s Justice Center urges Pipa News

Withdraw the 12-hour work bill immediately – People’s Justice Center urges

Kamal Haasan has urged the Tamil Nadu government to immediately withdraw the 12-hour work bill. The People’s Justice Center has alleged that the bill has been passed to deprive the workers of their fundamental rights.

In a statement published by the People’s Justice Center, ‘Workers all over the world were subjected to severe labor exploitation for 18 to 20 hours a day. Against this, fierce protests were conducted in various countries and after the sacrifice of many people, the basic right of 8 hours of work was obtained. In 1945, Ambedkar secured the legal right to 8 hours of work for Indian workers.

Karunanidhi, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, insisted on reducing the working hours for workers to 6 hours. However, the current Tamil Nadu government has passed the 12-hour work bill in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly despite opposition and coalition parties. The Tamil Nadu government has informed that this bill has been passed to bring flexibility in industries for the benefit of foreign companies.

This is not only against the welfare of workers. It also deprives the unions of the basic rights they have fought for. When Indians including Tamils ​​are already lagging behind in the measure of individual human happiness, working 12 hours like a machine will further complicate the situation.

In the age of modern technologies, the working hours of workers should decrease, not increase. That is the sign of human development. Depriving the rights of workers from Tamil Nadu for profit-seeking multinationals is not acceptable. Hence, the People’s Justice Center urges the immediate withdrawal of the 12-hour work bill, which deprives workers of their fundamental rights.

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