woman committed suicide due to her husband’s harassment

woman committed suicide due to her husband’s harassment

Mitesh Bhatia, Mahisagar: Atrocities on women are on the rise in Gujarat at a time when the number of women victims committing suicide is one of the many cases where a married woman who has recently been the victim of atrocities has finally committed suicide. Mahisagar district has come up against. Ratan Singh Bhamat’s daughter, who lives in Rinchhadi village in Santrampur taluka area of ​​Mahisagar district, got married two months ago in Bhojela village in Dahod district and the daughter and son-in-law lived in Satya Prakash society in Santrampur town.

From the earliest days of married life, the husband started torturing his wife physically and mentally. From time to time, when she went out of the village or at home, she was repeatedly beaten and tortured unbearably by her husband. Husband Brijesh Katara overtook the woman and inflicted injuries on her hand and other parts of the body with a blade. An attempt was also made by the husband to cut a vein in the arm.

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Family members, including Parineeta’s father, who had committed suicide by choking herself at home after being fed up with her husband’s unbearable torture, hurled methipak at her husband at the hospital and refused to accept the body until a complaint was lodged. The local police on duty were forced to call other police in the district. And the police have settled the matter and registered a case of murder against the husband, including physical and mental torture, and have taken further action.

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Fed up with the torture inflicted by her husband, Parineeta committed suicide by choking herself at home the previous day. The body was taken to Santrampur Government Hospital. There, the killer’s husband was beaten up by his family members, including his wife’s father, and his clothes were torn. After the family members lodged a complaint, the police registered a case of murder and handed over the body to P.M. Meaning Vadodara SSG. Was sent to the hospital under police supervision.

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