World Bank Rs 2,832 crore loan to Gujarat- Dinamani Pipa News

World Bank Rs 2,832 crore loan to Gujarat- Dinamani

The World Bank has approved a loan of Rs 2,832 crore to the state of Gujarat. This loan is taken to improve the public health sector of the state.

In this regard, in a notification released on Thursday on behalf of the World Bank, ‘Gujarat has been approved for a loan of Rs 2,832 crore. The loan is provided for improving public health facilities for adolescent girls and prevention of disease transmission.

The amount is provided by the World Bank’s International Division for Reconstruction and Development. The repayment period is 18 years. An additional period of 5.5 years will also be granted.

In Gujarat, 69 percent of teenage girls and 36 percent of boys are anemic, posing a major challenge to the state’s health department. Especially in 14 districts this problem is very high. Gujarat receives this loan because improving the health of teenagers can create a healthy, prosperous future.


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