World’s highest border crossing between China, Pakistan reopens Pipa News


World’s highest border crossing between China, Pakistan reopens

Islamabad: The only border crossing between Pakistan and China has been temporarily reopened to aid local trade and vital hydropower projects.

The Karakoram Range, the world’s highest mountain range, divides the two adjacent nations. The only pass connecting these two countries is the Khunjerab Pass, which is situated at an altitude of 16,200 feet. The Xinjiang Uyghur region and Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan are linked by the world’s highest paved international road, which enters China.

The range is usually open from May to November; It is closed due to heavy snowfall throughout the winter.

Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch announced this at her weekly media conference after Pakistan and China agreed to temporarily reopen the Khunjerab border in two parts.

He said, “In the initial phase, after the Chinese Spring Festival, the Khunjerab border will open for two days today (19-20 January 2023) and again from late January to early February 2023.

The Khunjerab border between Pakistan and China remains closed every year during winter. Pakistan’s request to reopen the border has been accepted by the Chinese side to help regional traders.

Despite the adverse weather, he said, “We appreciate the extra efforts of border officials on both sides to guarantee uninterrupted crossing operations.”