World’s Most Expensive Mango Worth Just..- Dinamani Pipa News


World’s Most Expensive Mango Worth Just..- Dinamani

Gopal: Miyazaki mangoes are considered to be the most expensive mangoes in the world. If we have to buy a kilo of this type of mangoes, we must be a millionaire.

What is a kilo? Even if we want to buy a mango, we can do it only if we are millionaires.

In Siruthi, actors Karthi and Santhanam have a comic scene where the price list of any item they see is visible to their eyes. Similarly, there is the price of this mango.

Miyazaki mangoes are on display at the horticulture fair in Gopal district of Karnataka. These mangoes grown in Madhya Pradesh will make your tongue drool. But tears flow from the eyes when you see the price of mangoes. The reason is that the price of a mango is Rs.40 thousand. The price of a kilo of Miyazaki mangoes (keep your hands on your hearts for the light hearted) is just. 2.5 lakhs only.

The reason these mangoes are so expensive is because they are grown in Japan.

Many farmers who cannot afford the Miyazaki mangoes displayed at this mango festival take selfies with them. These selfies are currently going viral on social media.

Similarly, Gopal Kesar, Penshan, Dasheri, Suvarnareka, Alphonsa, Thottapuri, Rasamari, Bunari, Mallika are also exhibited.

Although there are many varieties of mangoes, the Miyazaki mango is the one that many people love and enjoy. Everyone who comes and goes there is happy to talk about it.

After the exhibition, when the officials were asked who would eat this mango, they laughed and said, “This one mango is here.”

They also inform that Karnataka farmers are encouraged to grow this variety of mangoes.