Worship of Ganapayya on a coconut tree in Konaseema district Pipa News

Worship of Ganapayya on a coconut tree in Konaseema district

The sarpanch of that village was a farmer and whatever trouble he had, he sat on a tree in the village and told Lord Ganapati all his trouble. He climbed up the tree and performed special pooja to that lord saying that you are the only one who can solve our problems. What happened to the peasants in that district, which is nicknamed for green nature, why did that man sit on that tree, even if he was the sarpanch of the farmer’s village, and why did that person hold a petition like that? Ambedkar’s Konaseema District, which is nicknamed for green nature in Telugu states, Madhunuri Srinivasaraju continues to govern the area as the sarpanch of Rajolu Dindi village. He is also a coconut farmer.. At this moment, he climbed a coconut tree and roasted a Ganapati Swami, tied a palavelli and explained the hardships of the coconut farmers directly to the Ganapati Swami.

The hardships of coconut farmers are not all, Swami said that now the coconut farmers are faced with a heavy burden to survive. Currently, if the coconuts come down from the coconut tree, two rupees are paid for transportation, another rupee is paid in advance, and if the total cost is spent, then what is left for the farmer? Dindi village sarpanch Madunur Srinivasaraj expressed his grief saying that in the past, only one rupee would decrease, the farmer used to go ahead and bear the pressure.

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According to the current situation, he demanded that the Central and State Governments should respond and provide affordable prices to the coconut farmers. He stated that the government should respond and solve their problems. Ambedkar Konaseema district is always smiling and smiling nature impresses many such nature can be said to be nicknamed coconut groves. At present, many people are saying that the government should respond to the difficult situation faced by the coconut farmers and support them.

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