Yavatmal: Maviala Kaul in second phase of Agricultural Income Market Committee elections Pipa News

Yavatmal: Maviala Kaul in second phase of Agricultural Income Market Committee elections

Yavatmal: Leading News Service: In the first phase of the agricultural produce market committee elections, Maviya has won votes in seven market committee elections. In the election of eight market committee in the second phase, the voters have preferred Maviya.

Voting was held on Sunday for the eight market committees of Darwa, Bori Arab, Kalamb, Ralegaon, Zari Jamni, Maregaon, Arni and Ghatji. The Shinde group led by the guardian minister won 16 out of 18 seats and retained the Darwa. While NCP’s partner has retained the power of the market committee with the Shinde group in Bori Arab as well, the Congress and the Mahavikas Aghadi have gained unilateral power in the market committees like Zari, Maregaon, Kalamb, Ralegaon etc.

Mahavikas Aghadi, led by former Congress MLA Vamanrao Kasawar and former Shiv Sena MLA Vishwas Nandekar, won 18 out of 18 seats in the Jari Bazar Samiti. There was a direct fight between Congress and BJP in Kalamb. Here, Congress won all 18 seats and defeated BJP. Praveen Deshmukh of Congress and Prof. Vasant Purke, the two groups came together and the Congress was able to win unilaterally.

Congress has maintained dominance in Ralegaon too, where the market committee has got power. The fight between BJP-Nationalist-Shinde group Uddhav Sena against Congress was fought here. Congress won maximum 14 seats. While the BJP had to settle for three seats and the Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray group had to settle for one seat.

A fierce fight took place in the Ghatji Bazar Committee. The Parvekar group has hoisted the flag of victory. Here this group got ten seats. The opposition Lonkar-Moghe group had to settle for eight seats. The Shinde group won 16 out of 18 seats and the Mahavikas Aghadi got two seats in the Darwa Bazar Committee. The Shinde group and the Nationalist coalition were also effective in Bory Arab. Here the Shinde group got ten seats. Three candidates of NCP had already come unopposed. The opposition Congress-BJP won five seats here.

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