Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi awarded Anandaram Dhekial Phukan Award in Nagaon – News18 Assam Pipa News

Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi awarded Anandaram Dhekial Phukan Award in Nagaon – News18 Assam

Assam Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu presented “Anandaram Dhekial Phukon Banta” to Assam Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu, a noted literary scholar, in a function organized in conjunction with the 63rd foundation day of Anandram Dhekial Phukon Mahavidyalaya and Navagat Adarni Utsava.

Nagaon Chah traditional higher education is Anandam Dekial Fukan College, “Anandam Dikial Fukan Diva”. I will always be grateful to him for the important role he played in the rescue of the Black Assamese language. He is like a god in my heart. The great Anandram Dhekial Phukan College named after this great man is dedicated to him.

In Anahat, the literary writer, Gaiki, said, “The literary culture of Aunachal Pradesh was the most important role of the Assamese language. All the Hindi teachers will have their ‘Nefa’ and today’s Arunachal educational, cultural and fraternal environment at the end of this day.”

Assam Circle Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegwe, who participated in the program as a special guest, said that the decision to award the prize to the writer who has come to Anandaram Dhekial Phukon Mahavidyalaya is very timely. Under the leadership of the Education Minister, many great Assamese people during the pre-independence period brought about the salvation of the Assamese language and the renaissance of the nation. Egaraki Anandaram Dhekial Phukon and An Garaki Anandaram Varua. During the pre-independence era, Chuti Jeevan in Duyogaraki was able to establish a unique intellectual mindset. On the other hand, the scope of Ketiao language in the field of literary creation is mentioned by Mantri Garakie and some others who have given an example of Darje Thanchi.

Note that Anandaram Dhekial Phukon University has given this distribution every year after the year 2017. These distributions include literary and cultural appreciation letters, commemorative distributions, books, books, cheleng, gamocha and cash. Nagaon Sadar Assembly MLA Rupak Sharma, University Khan Principal Joy Kumar Singh, University Management Association President Cheniram Vaidya, Vice-Principal Mridul Hajrika Logte, University Professors, Ex-Professors, Students, Ex-Students and students are present in the solemn ceremony.

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