Yogesh Kadam gives warnig to Anil Parab, we will repay ‘that’ injustice done by Anil Parab with interest; Mla Yogesh Kadam gives warning to Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab

Ratnagiri : MLA Yogesh Kadam, son of former minister Ramdas Kadam, strongly criticized the administration of former guardian minister Anil Parab, expressing his firm belief that this government belongs to us, the chief minister belongs to us. Shiv Sainiks were treated unfairly in Dapoli and Mandangad Nagar Panchayat elections. He was forced to contest independent elections. MLA Yogesh Kadam has warned former Guardian Minister Anil Parab that this injustice will be repaid with interest. After participating in the Shinde group, MLA Yogesh Kadam held the groundbreaking ceremony of the tap water scheme seen in the constituency. At this time, Yogesh Kadam has criticized Parb in crude words. (Mla Yogesh Kadam gives warning to Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab)

Kadam also said in the program that saffron will not be left unfurled in the coming elections. Despite the changing political situation, MLA Yogesh Kadam has continued the development work in the constituency. He gave a clear signal to give more strength to office bearers and workers by saying that this government belongs to us and it is a coalition government. Pradeep Surve, Bhagwan Ghadge, Prakash Kalekar, Rohini Dalvi, Santosh Dalvi, Anant Waje, Rajendra Phanse and other officials were present on the platform.

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‘Anil Parab’s Conspiracy’

Durdeva’s own Shiv Sena guardian minister Anil Parab had set out to end the party. No work of the transport department should be done when he is the transport minister. MLA Yogesh Kadam has also accused that Anil Parab was holding conspiracy meetings against Ramdas Kadam and Yogesh Kadam in Mumbai by conspiring to kill Yogesh Kadam and put the constituency in the NCP’s throat. Therefore, it is clear that Anil Parab’s changes in the organization in the constituency will be the main focus of politics here in the coming years.

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‘National memorial of Sane Guruji will stand’

His Holiness had promised two big works such as the National Memorial in Palgad, Guruji’s village, and the tap water scheme here. The previous government could not get the funds. But now the government is ours. He assured the audience that he will use this opportunity for the development of the constituency.

MP Sunil Tatkare was also targeted

I will not miss any protocol while doing this development work. Stating that political etiquette will be followed, he also targeted Sunil Tatkare, NCP MP from Raigad Lok Sabha constituency. I never said remove name from Bhoomi Pujan board. But you do it. He also mentioned Tatkare by saying that MLA’s name has been removed and the name of ex-NCP MLA has been put on the board. He also clarified that this real politics will never be done by us while doing development work.

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Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is yours. They will be used only by Shiv Sainiks. I believe that we will directly call the Chief Minister and approve the development work. He assured the audience that this will be useful for all of us.


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