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You’ll Never Guess Who Benedict Cumberbatch’s Parents Are PiPa News

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You’ll Never Guess Who Benedict Cumberbatch’s Parents Are

You probably know Benedict Cumberbatch from his role in everything from Sherlock to The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

But if you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that his mom and dad, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton Congdon Cumberbatch (who goes by Timothy Carlton), are successful actors – and even played Sherlock’s parents in the series on BBC TV.

Born in Reading, his father has appeared in countless TV shows, from Keep Showing Up to Next in Kin, where he played Hugh. His on-screen career began in the early ’60s.

Meanwhile, Wanda Vantham (mother of the actor) has starred in many shows from UFO to Doctor Who.

Benedict’s parents didn’t want him to become an actor (at first)

As if finding out who the Doctor Strange actor’s parents were wasn’t enough of a shock, it turns out that they were surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) far from excited about their son’s career choice.

Speaking to Claire Foy for a 2018 episode of Variety’s Actors on Actors, Benedict said, “Dad worked nonstop in part to pay for an education to basically draw me into the line of thought. that it is foolish to be peripatetic, unable to plan your family’s holidays, not knowing where your next income will come from.”

“All the uncertainty that is reflected in their life, our life. And yet they managed to squirrel away enough for a ridiculously expensive education, which is only for my understanding and to become a doctor , a lawyer, a teacher, something that can be used in society,” he added.

But he noted that after seeing his son play Salieri in Amadeus while at university, Benedict’s father told him, “You’re better at this than you ever were or ever will be. I can’t wait to watch you and support you in what I think will be an amazing career.

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