Young lady crying in Grave yard at Panjagutta Hyderabad– News18 Telugu Pipa News

Young lady crying in Grave yard at Panjagutta Hyderabad– News18 Telugu

Graveyard… that’s what we fear. At night, we can’t even see the other side. If a girl is heard crying in the middle of the night in such a graveyard… is there anything else? Heart murmurs. When a girl’s cry was heard from the graveyard in Hyderabad late at night, people became tense. Some took courage and went one step further. Then the real thing came out. The incident took place at the Panjagutta graveyard in Hyderabad. If we go into the details… a young woman’s hustling in the graveyard last midnight in Panjagutta caused a commotion in the locality.

At Panjagutta graveyard in the middle of the night, a young woman created a ruckus for two hours. But the young woman sat there in that young woman’s graveyard crying that she had loved a man. She made a commotion in the cemetery because the person she loved left her, so she cried and cried. Nana made a fuss for almost two hours from twelve o’clock in the night. She started crying in the graveyard because her lover had left her. After hearing the cry of the young lady, the locals and the surrounding people asked the details of the young lady who was crying in the cemetery. But first they asked what happened to her.

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But the young woman said that the boy who loved her cheated on her and left her and said that she wants to commit suicide. She said she could not imagine life without him. The locals advised the young woman not to commit suicide and informed the police when the young woman did not hear for some time. The police arrived at the scene and took the young woman from the cemetery to the police station. Everyone there gasped, but who is the young lady? Where did it come from? The police are trying to find out the details.

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